Frequently Asked Queries

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How we share data?

We have various sources through which we get the data some of them are

  • Email
  • Pamphlets
  • Sites

So we do gather all and attempt to confirm them. We give our best exertion to share greatest data.

A few Coupons Does Not work?

Indeed, it might happen that coupon you are applying for not work. It might due to the store you are attempting use coupon has terminated the coupon or might be coupon limit is finished. Many time you not read the entire data and coupon connected in some incorrect way. So there might be numerous explanations for the non-working of the promotion code. On the off chance that you discovered something to that effect, it would be ideal if you refresh us through get in touch with us page or email us on infor@couponstechie.com, it will encourage every one of our clients.

We refresh this page on customary premise as we get some progressively basic kind of inquiries.